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Aiwīgaz Unðergangaz / Múspellzheimr Split CD

Aiwīgaz Unðergangaz Múspellzheimr LUNAR APPARITIONS is proud to present the recent EP between AIWĪGAZ UNÐERGANGAZ and MÚSPELLZHEIMR on digipack CD format. Released earlier this year on 10" vinyl format, this special split release brings together two elite hordes from the fast-rising Danish black metal underground, from the cabal-like Afgrundsvisioner group of activists. Within the two exclusive (and EPIC) tracks here, you will find frivolous and strident black metal: eternal obeisance to the genre's primordial powers, but unchained to run rampant, wild, and free through such strictured conservatism. AIWĪGAZ UNÐERGANGAZ are up first and unload a gnarled, ten-minute torrent of gutted, abyssward frequencies, somehow floating and ethereal despite their literally unreal heft. MÚSPELLZHEIMR are second and counter with a shimmering hysteria nine minutes in length, murderous in its lust but cryogenic its contours, reimagining classically Nordic paradigms with the effervescence that has marked their enviously rich catalog since their first demo in 2014. The past is alive, and it's very much PRESENT here!

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    August 29, 2019

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