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HOD Set To Kick Off Tour With MARDUK

HOD (2009) San Antonio's masters of blackened death/thrash HOD are gearing up to hit the road with black metal legends MARDUK, along with AURA NOIR, BLACK ANVIL and PANZERFAUST as part of the Seven Bowls of Wrath Tour. HOD will join MARDUK and the rest of thus unholy crew on May 29th in Montreal and then end their trek with a handful of co-headlining dates with PANZERFAUST. All of this is coming in anticipation of the band's follow up to their critically-acclaimed debut, Serpent, which Zero Tolerance called a "venomous explosion of black, death, and thrash metal fury" and Terrorizer called "non-commercialized, uncompromising and slightly unhinged death metal." The new album, titled Book Of The Worm, is expected to see the light of day in the coming months. HOD guitarist Carl "Lord Necron" Snyder comments, "Just a couple more days until Hod hits the road with Marduk, Aura Noir, Black Anvil and Panzerfaust! We look forward to all the new places we will be playing. Make sure to get to the shows early because everyone of these bands will destroy. A lot of new material will be unleashed so be ready to hear a lot of new material from the upcoming Book of the Worm album."

5/29 @The Café Campus w/ Marduk, Aura Noir, Black Anvil, Panzerfaust
- Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

5/30 @ The Annex Wreckroom w/ Marduk, Aura Noir, Black Anvil, Panzerfaust
- Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

5/31 @ Reggie's Rock Club w/ Marduk, Aura Noir, Black Anvil, Panzerfaust
-Chicago, IL

6/1 @ I-Rock Nightclub w/ Marduk, Aura Noir, Black Anvil, Panzerfaust
- Detroit, MI

6/2 @ Peabody's w/ Marduk, Aura Noir, Black Anvil, Panzerfaust
- Cleavland, OH

6/3 @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg w/ Marduk, Aura Noir, Black Anvil, Panzerfaust
- Brooklyn, NY

6/4 @ The Blue Room Behind AJ's w/ Panzerfaust
- Secausus, NJ

6/5 @ tba w/ Panzerfaust
- Rochester, NY

6/6 @ tba w/ Panzerfaust
- Cambridge, CANADA

6/7 @ The Rogue Pizza Company w/ Vore
- Fayetteville, AR

6/8 @ Siberia
- New Orleans, LA

6/25 @ Ten Eleven w/ Spellcaster, Split Heaven, 1 tba
- San Antonio, TX

11/11 @ Goregrowlers's Ball
- San Antonio, TX

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    May 25, 2011

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