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LOOK WHAT I DID Announces Release Date for Rock Opera 'Zanzibar III: Analog Prison'
LOOK WHAT I DID Releases Music Video for 'Sebastian's Analog Prison'
New LOOK WHAT I DID Track "David Koresh Has a Message (For You)"
LOOK WHAT I DID Releases New Song, "The Trial"
Barry of Look What I Did co-stars in new Psychostick music video for 'Political Bum'
LOOK WHAT I DID Post Provocative Music Video
LOOK WHAT I DID Unveils First Track
Look What I Did Details Plans for Upcoming Zanzibar III EP
Look What I Did Announces Tour Dates with Psychostick, Free Full-Album Stream
LOOK WHAT I DID Release Music Video for "Serf Song"
Barry from Look What I Did responds to Invisible Children Organization
LOOK WHAT I DID release second music video from ATLAS DRUGGED
Look What I Did release music video for "Fade to Daft"
Look What I Did announces release date
Look What I Did releases teaser video
Barry from Look What I Did recaps 2008
First Two Album tracks from upcoming Look What I Did release available online NOW
Look What I Did announce tour with Born Empty
"Rally for the Republic" Event in MN Threatens Republican and Democratic National Conventions
Cover of "Everything's Allright" from Jesus Christ Superstar by Foxy Shazam, Look What I Did, and Nikki Williams available onlin
Look What I Did Drummer Breaks Ankle (with video hilarity)
Filesharing Will Save the Music Industry, other Industries Should Copy
An Open Letter to Jello Biafra
No Sleep Records new digital compilation New Noise (heavy) Volume 1 available for free download
LOOK WHAT I DID post GG Allin cover, new tour dates
How Public School is used to dumb down and indoctrinate YOU



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