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Rotting Christ Bio

Rotting Christ
Band members
Sakis - guitars & vocals
Kostas - guitars
Andreas - bass
George - keyboards
Themis - drums


Since their 1987 inception, legendary Greek band ROTTING CHRIST have continually delivered amazingly abstract albums. The band's fanbase has come to expect experimentation with styles and influences from all of heavy music's genres, be it industrial, gothic, thrash, or even traditional heavy metal. Along with Japanese labelmates Sigh, ROTTING CHRIST have come to occupy a unique position in the black metal scene. The wide range of fans from which they pull their support has given the band the opportunity to tour worldwide with bands such as Immortal, Blasphemy, Samael, Moonspell, Deicide, Behemoth, Theatre Of Tragedy, Gorefest, Tristania, Old Man's Child, Vintersorg, Cradle Of Filth and Tiamat, and has given them the chance to visit countries like Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Turkey.
Sanctus Diavolos , the band's 9 th full-length album which sees ROTTING CHRIST as a refined three-piece featuring founding member Sakis on guitars and vocals, his brother Themis on drums, and Andreas on bass, after parting ways with long-term members George (keyboards) and Costas (guitars). Despite the member changes, ROTTING CHRIST's stylistic approach has not changed drastically. The 10 new tracks see the band returning to their darker, more savage musical roots, while adopting an up-to-date sonic presentation that portrays a vast whirlwind of atmospheric intermezzos, and includes a large female choir throughout the album's material, as well as the use of bizarre samples and walls of keyboards. Sanctus Diavolos was recorded at SCA Studios in Greece and produced by Sakis, the album was mixed at Sweden's legendary Studio Fredman (Arch Enemy, Opeth) by Fredrik Nordström (In Flames, Dimmu Borgir), maximizing the end result's power. The album's aggressive opening track, "Visions Of A Blind Order," features a guest lead guitar appearance by Gus G. (Dream Evil, Firewind, Mystic Prophecy). Artwork duties were once again handled by the gifted designer Set<'H> (Heaven Shall Burn, Septic Flesh, Caliban), who had already contributed to ROTTING CHRIST's blasphemous packaging on the Khronos album.

Sanctus Diavolos is as raw and unpolished as it is epic and bombastic. ROTTING CHRIST have delivered another dark jewel of extreme metal that will please the band's long-running following within the underground legions and will also leave an impression with a yet unaware, new audience through the band's very own, outstandingly defined trademarks.

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