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Dimension Zero Bio

Dimension Zero
Band members
Jocke Göthberg - vocals
Jesper Strömblad - guitar, bass
Glenn Ljungström - guitar
Hans Nilsson - drums


Every so often a group of well-established musicians form a side project, record a classic, and then return to their main bands without much of an afterthought. But what if that recording was so well received that the musicians involved could no longer neglect the monster they created? Such a problem emerged for the original In Flames guitar team Jesper Strömblad and Glenn Ljungström when they formed Dimension Zero in mid 1996 to record the Penetrations From The Lost World mini-CD. While clocking in at less than twenty minutes, Penetration…left the jaws dropping of listeners worldwide, in desperate anticipation of a future collaboration that might never come to fruition.

By most accounts, the Dimension Zero story began when Strömblad and Ljungström, already beginning to enjoy success with In Flames, could no longer ignore the urge to play faster, rawer, and more brutal music than what they felt In Flames allowed. They quickly recruited drummer Hans Nilsson (Luciferion, Crystal Age, Diabolique) and vocalist Jocke Göthberg (ex-Marduk), and recorded Penetration… and acclaimed cover songs that would find their way on to Sepultura and Mercyful Fate tribute albums. Shortly thereafter, however, Glenn Ljungström left In Flames and the musicians decided to put an end to Dimension Zero.

2001, to the delight of fans everywhere, Strömblad and Ljungström teamed up once again to create something heavy, brutal and fast, just like they originally did five years earlier. Jocke Göthberg and Hans Nilsson joined in as well, and the magic was rekindled. In June of 2001, Dimension Zero signed with Regain Records, and entered Phlat Planet Studios with Anders Friden (In Flames/ex-Dark Tranquillity vocalist) behind the mixing table. A mere sixteen days of recording produced Silent Night Fever, nine brilliant songs of pure, raw, Swedish death metal prime to take the metal world by storm yet again. The duo of Strömblad and Ljungström prove on this recording that there is no end to the amount of havoc two guitars can create when working together, writing some of the most punishing riffs imagined.

Considering the musicians' ever-increasing commitment to their primary bands, the future of Dimension Zero is uncertain, though one thing is--the world now has two incredible releases that will go down in history as must-have classics. Only time will tell whether Silent Night Fever is the release that cements the band's future and drives them to continue along the road being paved before them, or if they will once again drift off in pursuit of separate goals. Silent Night Fever will pummel you into begging the band otherwise, though, and to keep on recording their incredible music.

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