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Anyone Bio

Band members
Riz Story - Voice/Guitar
Static - Bass
Ransom - Drums


ANYONE was born from the smoldering remains of a highly experimental trio called SYLVIA in 1995. Composed of Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) on drums, Juano (Sky Cries Mary) on bass, and singer/songwriter/guitarist Riz Story, the bands short blurred life proved to be the embryo for what would later become the most innovative band of the new millennium.

Story found himself with no rhythm section when Hawkins left to pursue other career opportunities and Juano relocated to Seattle. He began jamming with soft spoken New Jersey transplant Dave "NIPPLES" Murray. Murray had grown tired of the stagnant musical forms back home and had come to Huntington Beach to find a band that could accommodate his power and still be sensitive to his finesse. The search for a bassist ended when Story and Nipples encountered a strange creature that called itself STATIC. Discussions on the origin of the strange name were silenced when STATIC plugged in his instrument and proceeded to produce the loudest and most heavily distorted bass tone the two had ever heard. Story then renamed the band ANYONE, a name that he'd been saving for his first-born child.

The band then self-released the critically acclaimed "Live Acid." One thousand copies were literally devoured by the Orange County scene in less than a month. The LP featured 11 cuts all recorded live at the now legendary "TOGETHERMENT" party. A large warehouse was secured and ornately decorated by the band, while a film crew was on hand to capture the performance. The controversial documentary that resulted shocked the alternative underground. The early buzz on the film, "TOGETHERMENT" had the media tagging Riz Story a real leader in the O.C. movement.

By 1999 ANYONE had become one of the most celebrated bands in Orange County, taking the Los Angeles Music Awards top honors for best band. Shows were becoming mini festivals, with projections of Story's films overhead while dancers writhed with the band on stage, all in a heavily decorated venue showered in candy and bits of paper containing propaganda. The bands dynamic live presentation held these early audiences, which included a vast coming together of fans- rockers, surfers, ravers, punks- in awe.

ANYONE are looked upon as originators of a new sound and a new music scene emerging from Southern California. Established bands such as Korn and Orgy have raved about this band publicly and Korn even tried to sign the band to their Elementree imprint, but Roadrunner beat them to the punch in late 1999. In May of 2000 the band left for Seattle's London Bridge studios to work with noted producer Rick Parasher (Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Blind Melon). Story and Parasher co-produced 14 tracks. An additional track was co-produced by Story and producer Andrew (MUDROCK) Murdock (Godsmack, Powerman 2000). Mudrock was brought in to co-mix the album with Story. The band felt that he could help capture the sonic bomb blast that had stunned live audiences and defined the band's signature, revolutionary sound.

First listening reveals influences as broad as Zeppelin, Jane's Addiction, and Pink Floyd. The album is packed with trippy, experimental guitar riffs, funk/punk influenced bass lines and energetic, mood-setting drum tones. Riz's razor sharp voice cuts through each song, spitting out lyrics that demand the listener's attention. This album will open your mind to the explosive, worldly sound that is ANYONE.

The 16 songs that comprise Anyone's debut are an eclectic array of moods expressed through sound. The opening track, "Giving Thrills" is an invitation to become a part of the ANYONE experience. It causes the listener to face the reality of life as a collection of the ridiculous, to face the chaos. "Don't Wake Me" is a dreamer's anthem full of sublimely controlled sonic debris. "Whole World's Insane" opens with primal screams and develops into a sound that is best described as musical insanity. It is a song that leaves you with voices in your own head, repeating the catchy "Uh-huh-a, Uh-huh-a" chorus long after the first listen is complete. "Hitches" is ANYONE's term for obstacles or a problems that kept you from getting through the day. It is a song laced with heavy down trodden guitar and bass riffs that serve as the background for Riz's lacerating vocals.

11 months in the making, ANYONE's self-titled album stands as an invitation to join in and embrace the sonic boom. Great hooks, explosive energy, compelling lyrics and a totally unique and new sound… welcome to ANYONE.

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