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Fear Before The March Of Flames Bio

Fear Before The March Of Flames
Band members
Rupert - guitar, vocals Brandon - drums Dave - screams Mike - bass


Fear Before The March Of Flames has forged its own path regardless of the current state of music. Formed in July 2002, four young teens from Aurora, CO set out to create a unique and relevant sonic experience. Drawing inspiration from the intricacies of Converge, the varied time signatures of Botch and the temperament of The Blood Brothers, they produced a distinctive combination of hardcore, metal and indie rock that was eclectic, fresh and frenetic.

Borrowing a line from their local newspaper during the wild brushfires that swept through their state, the boys started practicing in their parents’ basement under the name Fear Before The March Of Flames. Not long after they began playing locally and sought opening slots on a diverse range of bills. Demonstrating the whole is greater than the sum of its parts Fear Before The March Of Flames formed an impressive synergy that many bands struggled for years to create. David Marion’s earth-crushing screams are complimented by Adam Fisher’s back-up vocals; Michael Madruga’s thick bass is the perfect balance to Fisher’s swirling guitars and heavy melodies while Brandon Proff’s drumming drives the aural assault onward.

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