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Baal Bio

Band members
U-tarou: Vocals MIKITO: Guitars, programming, synth Chihiro: Drums


BAAL came into being in June 2005 as the next evolutionary step for CHRONOTRIGGER, the band's former name. In both guises, the band has been at the forefront of spreading the Digital Heavy Industrial sound concept throughout Japan's underground scene. As CHRONOTRIGGER, the band played many shows across Japan's industrial and dark music scenes including Android 666, the Kobe Underground Festival and Auto-Mod's Tokyo Dark Castle - Japan's leading live Gothic event. During this period, the band also released its demo CD featuring the tracks "On the Surface" and "Judgment."

The name BAAL was adopted in June 2005, reflecting the band's conceptual evolution and reinforcing its identity as part of Japan's underground scene.

Upon changing its name, BAAL performed at JUNK CHILDREN: SLAVES MIDNIGHT RIOT (organized by BSL), a night symbolizing the illness and suffering of modern Japanese society. The night saw Tokyo's urban slaves be roused to action in a basement arena in Tokyo. Tearing through the senses with a cacophony of industrial sounds and extreme visuals, JUNK CHILDREN's unparalleled power marks the dawn of a new era of Goth/underground music in Japan.

On stage, BAAL delivered a screaming emotional set, unleashing a tsunami of sound to create a sense of distortion in time and place. The JUNK CHILDREN event also saw the release of the band's new single "Wreckage/Bloody_logic_communication." A special remix version of "Wreckage" was also given out in commemoration of the event and the band's inaugural performance as BAAL.

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