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Earth Crisis Bio

Earth Crisis
Band members
Karl Buechner - Vocals
Ian Edwards - Bass
Eric Edwards - Guitar
Dennis Merrick - Drums
Scott Crouse - Guitar


There aren't many individuals in this world who would stand firm and boldly oppose in the face of their peers some of the most common vices our society today enjoys: drinking, drugs, smoking (whatever that may entail) and one of man's earliest consumptions: animal products. Not trying to be different for the sake of being different but rather determined to get a point across, our heroes to the major minority of straight edge (otherwise known as Earth Crisis) continue to move forward on their mission.

Their newest offering, The Oath That Keeps Me Free, is Earth Crisis's first live album after three studio albums and participation on The California Takeover, a live Victory compilation. This album comes from a show December 7th in Syracuse, NY that also served as a fundraiser for a band member's father who was in need of a costly operation. This event served to raise some much-needed funds as well as immortalize one of the band's most energetic shows.

Since the release of the acclaimed Gomorrah's Season Ends, Earth Crisis have stepped on to a lot of new stages, including 1996's Ozzfest in San Bernardino, California, which served as a prototype to the following Ozzfest Tour. Earth Crisis also played the famed Milwaukee Metalfest, bleeding hundreds of new ears. Amidst all of this, they toured America and Europe.

Those who are familiar with Earth Crisis' live set will be psyched with some of the not-so-often performed tracks on this record, for example "Unseen Holocaust". Another rare moment caught on DAT is a cover of Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love." Yes, this is Earth Crisis, with their metallic riffs and mind numbing vocals. Move over Eric Clapton.

And after attracting national attention for their message through such mediums as MTV, ABC World News with Peter Jennings, CNN, TBS and 48 Hours, lead singer Karl Buechner was invited to speak on a panel in front of the US Congress in Washington DC regarding straight edge and drug and alcohol use among young people.

With music driving the message home, watch out for Earth Crisis on their upcoming tour with Hatebreed and Strife throughout the U.S. this Spring.

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