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Donnybrook Bio

Band members
Dre Stewart - Vox Martin Stewart - Guitar Pat Burgess - Guitar Danny Banura - Bass Art Banura - Drums


Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Donnybrook brings an old-school, in-your-face style that has drawn comparisons to Madball, Death Threat, and District 9. The group was formed in early 2003 by six friends who were fed up with the insincerity plaguing the scene they grew up loving and believing in. With their debut four-song EP now out on 1917 Records, coupled with their plans to tour both the East and West coasts (and soon after, the world!), and you'll see why Donnybrook is poised to thrust themselves into the mix with hardcore's heaviest hitters.

In the end, there is only one possible conclusion you can reach after listening to Donnybrook: This is a hardcore band, made up of hardcore kids, playing for the love of the hardcore scene. Period.

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