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Dirk Sauer - rhythm and lead guitar Jens Ludwig - lead- and rhythm guitar Tobias Sammet - vocals Tobias "Eggi" Exxel - bass Felix Bohnke - drums


Soon the waiting will be over: on February 2nd, German's Metal-Band No. 1 of the next generation will will strike again - with the release of their new EP King of Fools. This masterpiece will explain why so many independent- and major labels alike have been fighting over Edguy in the last few months: that is because not only insiders see EDGUY as the most promising Metal band in the world - they already are recognised as one of the greatest bands in their genre worldwide! There is not enough time nor space to list all the reasons for that fact, but it is amazing how a bunch of very young, ambitioned and talented musicians made their way from a school-band to one of the European top-acts: with high positions in the charts accomplished by their own hard work. This success speaks for itself! They never followed any trends, they never got hyped. The band has always been their own manager and producer in unison. But still - or maybe because of that - the band "secretly" climbed to the top of the international Metal mountain. It all started in Fulda (Hessen, Germany) in the year 1992 when four fourteen year old schoolfiends decided to form a traditional Metal band at a time, when Grunge music was at its peak. First they covered songs from their favorite bands such as Deep Purple, KISS, AC/DC and Iron Maiden. Soon they got bored by playing other people's songs, so they decided to write and record their own songs to get record deal someday. But in the beginning the plan would not work as hoped. "Our schoolmates laughed at that kind of music, unfortunately", says Tobias Sammet, singer of the band, about those first steps to success, "of course the record lables, too, did not see any future for our kind music with eunuch-vocals, two guitars and an unbearable kick-in-the-ass-joy-of-life! Well, the fact that we were pretty bad at that time surely proved to be another reason for our failure. The funny thing is: now all these companies who rejected us in the past have offered us a lot of money today. But now we can sit back, relax and tell them "you've had your chance" and decline their offers with a smile on our faces. Ludwig, Sammet, Exxel, Bohnke, Sauer The turn of the tide went well for Edguy: after five years of hard work, never ending visits to record companies and countless failures at band-contests, the small label AFM-Records took mercy upon the band and gave them their first record contract. With AFM they released five studio cd's between 1997 and 2003 (Kingdom of Madness 1997, Vain Glory Opera 1998, Theater Of Salvation 1999, Savage Poetry 2000, Mandrake 2001), the double live album "Burning down the opera" in 2003 as well as the two solo cd's "Avantasia" by Tobias Sammet parts one and two (Part one 2001, part two 2002). With every album the fanbase grew larger. The constant touring helped the band to prove hat they are one of the best and most entertaining live acts ever. Wherever Edguy enter a stage you will find great entertainment, great party and an over the top demonstration of their musical talent. The fans could hear and see all this on Edguy's last year's Mandrake headlining-tour (the cd achieved top twenty status in various European countries). Even the last doubter was convinced after seeing Edguy live that their status had been underrated so often. The tour went through 23 countries travelling around on 4 continents for more than a year (Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, USA) - and more than once they've played in front of a full house. Well, Edguy are a phenomenon - and a very likeable, too. Even though some folks do not like or even hate the band for their exotic and sometimes extreme (both funny and strange) public appearances: you can not deny they brought a bright and colorful new perspective into the old fashioned and often "near death" metal scene. Success paves their way: with powerful songs, a great portion of humor, a chaotic but with no doubt charismatic frontman and a great deal of freshness and glamour they leave other bands far behind. And now they are back! First reactions from the magazines and newspapers confirm what you may have hoped, but not necessarily may have exspected: they succeeded in topping their last hit-record Mandrake in every account! This is not just an empty phrase. You will hear that the new material is much stronger and mature than anything they have released so far. They got to the edges of this type of music - without getting lost in alien terrain. No matter if you listen to Edguy-typical midtempo hmyns like "King of fools", a heavy load like "Mysteria" or a stakkato monster like "under the moon" - everything sounds unmistakeably like Edguy! Even the "Twisted Sister"-like party song "lavatory love machine" returns to an all Edguy song in its chorus and will be cherished as the Edguy fun-hymn. Here you can see the extraordinary virtuosity of the band. No work was too hard, no price too high and so they hired the "German film-orchestra Babelsberg" for a couple of their songs, which recorded music for bands like "Rammstein", "Scorpions" or "Celine Dion" in the past - besides recording original movie scores. You will get more value for money than ever before, when on February 2nd Nuclear Blast will release the five track EP King Of Fools - including four all new non-album tracks (and no second class material) - and on March 15 they will release the all new album Hellfire Club, which will prove why the Germans are on their unstoppable way to the top and why fans carry them on their hands. On one hand it's all because they never forgot where they came from, they never lost the ground beneath their feet and they have always been there for their fans. On the other hand it's all because they are one of the few bands of a new generation, who play this sort of music for their young fans with such an authenticity and on such a high level that they saved this type of Metal in their own way into the new millenium. THE NEW GENERATION HAS ARRIVED!!!

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