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Brief Update On Randy Blythe

Randy Blythe I have been getting a lot of emails the last few days asking for an update on Randy Blythe who is still sitting in a Prague jail. Basically as we reported last week, the new bail amount of $400,000 USD was paid last week. The Prague Municipal Court has been awaiting the documents since then so they can begin processing Blythe for release assuming the prosecutor has no further objections.

The Gauntlet can exclusively confirm thanks to our sources in Prague that the documents have now been received by the court as of Tuesday July 24. At this point it is a matter of getting a new court date for Randy to basically see if the prosecutor has any further objections. If there are, it can then take an additional three days for a judge to rule on the prosecutors objection.

The prosecutor's objections have been denied by multiple judges in the bail hearings so far. Our sources also tell us this is the final time the prosecutor can object so the judges decision will be final.

Randy Blythe is being held in the Czech Republic following the tragic death of a fan following a May 2010 concert in Prague. He was arrested on June 27 and has been detained for nearly four weeks now.

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    July 24, 2012

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