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Randy Blythe's Wife Allowed Visitation

Randy Blythe Randy Blythe's wife, Cindy, has flown over to Prague, Czech Republic this week and has been able to speak with her husband, who has been detained for two weeks, for the first time. The two hour meeting took place yesterday and was followed by a brief speaking to reporters outside where Cindy stated she "believes he is innocent."

"It was really good to see him," Cindy Blythe told reporters after her visit. "I miss him very much and I really hope I get to see him soon, and that we'll be together again soon. So this was a special day, getting to see him. I think it's terrible what happened — that the kid lost his life and his family lost him — but I believe [Randy] is innocent. That's what I believe."

Video footage can be seen here.

Randy Blythe is being held in a Czech Prison in Prague on Manslaughter but so far, prosecutors have not charged him with a crime.

You can read all the news on this ordeal here.

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    July 12, 2012

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