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Randy Blythe Freed

The Gauntlet has heard rumblings from some official sources, including Czech police spokesperson, Jana Rosslerova, that Randy Blythe is "no longer in our custody." Blythe has not been exonerated of the charges as it appears he is free on $200,000 bail which means he may have to return to Prague, Czech Republic in the future to face the charges.

He still may not be charge. Right now is an open investigation and the bail guarantees that IF he gets charged in the future, he needs to return for trial. He is free to tour and it was implied that tour plans would not be disrupted.

Blythe appeared in the courtroom in Prague early Saturday morning with his two lawyers. He was led in wearing the same camouflage pants and Obituary sweatshirt he wore 3 days ago when detained at the airport. Blythe wore no laces in his shoes for safety reasons.

Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton took to twitter moments ago and stated "Today just turned into a FANTASTIC day!!!"

We will keep you updated as the news happens.

The Gauntlet just learned that Randy may remain in prison until Monday due to banks not being opened.

Video of Blythe's arraignment here:

randy blythe court manslaughter

randy blythe court manslaughter

Blythe was detained on Wednesday evening in Prague, Czech Republic from a 2010 incident with a fan in which the fan repeatedly got on stage and had some altercations with Blythe. The fan later went into a coma suffering skull fractures and blood in the brain and died nearly a month later. Blythe was detained on manslaughter charges. You can read the full incident here

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    June 30, 2012

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