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Live From SABATON's CD Release Party

Sabaton CD Release 3:33 am - If ever given the chance to see Sabaton live, go see them. These guys won't be on the small stage much longer in the U.S.

3:23 am - SABATON chants continue in between the songs. The band members seem humbled by it.

3:16 am - Just amazing.

2:10 am - Sabaton is owning the key club like no other band before

1:28 am - This place is packed., everyone chanting "Sabaton"

1:23 am - My wife is wearing her earplugs outside

1:22 am - Soon.

1:19 am - Asked the band if they watch porn while on stage. His answer in tomorrows news

1:00 am - Just interviewed Joakim. He said to expect penis...last show of tour. These guys are pranksters.

11:26 pm - Ron jetemy just walked in. of course wearing sweatpants. And there goes my wife...

11:18 pm - Wife is at it again. Asked the waitress what kind of wines they had. She replied "whites and reds." Wife says what kinds of whites? Waitress - "Chard, sauvignon blanc". Wife - "Are any Sauvingon blancs from Santa Ynez and what winery?"

11:11 pm - Eating at rainbow. Seated facing lita fords ass shot.

10:47 pm - I just saw batman taking a piss.

9:14 pm - Not off to a good start. Picked up wife from work. She asks to drive. Pulls out and up and over the center median. Hope it isn't a sign of what is in store. Anyways, Sabaton, here we come.

10:54 am - The fun begins at 6:30pst tonight live from the key club.

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    May 23, 2012

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