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Could Janaza Be The Most Blasphemous Black Metal Band?

Janaza (2010) If there ever was a band that represented 'blasphemy' then Janaza is it. Janaza is a black metal, female fronted band from Iraq that is anti-Islamic. I am pretty sure each of those things is punishable by death in most Islamic countries. It takes balls of steel to be in a metal band in Iraq. Look at what the guys from Acrassicauda went through. I understand why Janaza is a solo project. It is not easy to post an add in the Iraqi PennySaver seeking band members for an anti-Islamic black metal band.

A Janaza is a funeral prayer held by Muslims before burial to seek pardon for the dead.

Janaza released a five song demo of under produced songs. Once you get beyond the fact that it is a demo and there is virtually zero production there is some uniqueness in the raw guitar sound and drums section with songs like "Burn the Pages of the Quran".

The sole member of the band, Anahita, has a vocal style of her own that blends well in the overall sound of the album. She pulls off the necessary shrieks and screams without effort.

Check out "Burn the pages of the Quran" below before a FATWA is issued.

UPDATE: Stream the entire demo from Janaza here.

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    June 16, 2011

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