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AEG Live Want LED ZEPPELIN Reunion To Fill MICHAEL JACKSON's O2 Arena Gigs

Led Zeppelin Then Sun is reporting:

Music bosses hope LED ZEPPELIN will play some of MICHAEL JACKSON's O2 arena gigs.

AEG Live, the team behind the King of Pop's 50-night stint, want the rock supergroup to alternate shows with ABBA.

Both bands - who have sold 600 million albums between them - have been offered big money to reform.

Led Zep stars Jimmy Page, 65, Robert Plant, 60, and bassist John Paul Jones, 63, have been approached.

They played their only concert in 19 years at the O2 in 2007 and are seen as one of the few acts who could rival Jacko. His This Is It tour was due to start at the London venue on July 13.

AEG face multi-million pound losses if they cannot fill the slots. A source said: "Only Michael Jackson could sell out 50 nights at such a big arena, but Led Zeppelin and Abba combined might just rival him. There is huge money on the table."

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    July 04, 2009

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