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Jeff Hanneman Sought Getting On Liver Transplant List Before He Died

Slayer Jeff Hanneman The Gauntlet can now exclusively confirm that Jeff Hanneman knew about his liver disease. Our sources have confirmed to us that Jeff was seeking treatment and had been sober for over two months, a condition of getting on the liver transplant list. There are four stages of liver disease, and Jeff was at stage 4 two months ago. He sought treatment earlier this year and and specialists informed him he needed a new liver and he was placed on a liver transplant list. Those closest to him thought with him being sober, he'd pull through everything okay.

Jeff knew he had a problem earlier in the year when he began getting drunk after a beer or two. This is a sign that the liver is no longer able to function and process the alcohol from the blood.

Tragically though, on Wednesday night, his driver drove him to the hospital and he died the next morning.

Slayer broke the news of Jeff's passing yesterday.

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    May 03, 2013

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