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Tool Drummer Danny Carey Arrested After Altercation at Kansas City Airport

Tool Roskilde festival 2006 Tool drummer Danny Carey was arrested after an incident at the Kansas City International Airport Sunday, Dec. 12.

A spokesperson for the Kansas City Aviation Department confirmed the arrest. Airport police received a “report of a disturbance between two males in an airport terminal” around 7 p.m. Of the two men, Carey was arrested and transported to a Kansas City Police Department station, though he is no longer in custody.

The statement added, “Regarding the request for body and dash cam video, our police force does not have this technology. The police report has been forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review.”

Carey and Tool declined to comment, via a representative.

Carey, who was born in Lawrence, Kansas, was back in his hometown over the weekend to play drums with the University of Kansas band during the school basketball team’s game against one of their big rivals, the University of Missouri. Carey joined the school band for a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire.”

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    December 14, 2021

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