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INTERVIEW! DEVILSKIN reaches a new height with forthcoming “RED” release

Devilskin “It's about the songs,” says the Axeman. And certainly this is some very good writing from all dimensions. In New Zealand they can fill fairly large venues. And they are aiming higher with their plan to cover the west from Europe to the UK to the States. It's really quite shocking how many bands have had Devilskin support (off New Zealand.) They are very well known among the community of Metal and Hard Rock Bands. They also have more fans than ever in the west. Add to that mass appeal and all this points to a conquest. All the needs are lined up. So when you see DevilSkin on a bill check them out. Attached is the audio interview followed by one of their singles. Here’s hoping this virus is gone by summer touring season. I realize that's optimistic but it's anyone's guess. Gauntlet fans please join me in welcoming DevilSkin to the collective!!!

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    March 21, 2020

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