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Albanian CROSSBONES release their new album “The Awakening”

Album: "The Awakening"
Label: Alpha Omega Records
Genre: Metal, Post Thrash, Groove

Albanian CROSSBONES release their new album “The Awakening” via Alpha Omega Records. The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Alex Azzali at Alpha Omega Studios in Italy.

Comments the band on “The Awakening”:
“What if everything you are told is a lie? Are you ready to start accepting it?
This album is an inner reflection on the origins of human kind. It is a personal view on who brought us here on Earth. It also raises questions on whether all the information and knowledge we have is true or beneficial to our journey. What if everything we are taught is wrong, wayward, a version of the truth; the personal truth of a certain group and not the objective truth? It is time for us to open our minds and hearts and to begin accepting that our origins and this place we call “home” maybe far more exotic and fantastic than what we can even begin to imagine. It is time to wake up from the deep sleep of ignorance and absolute darkness and enlighten our minds, hearts and souls and to prepare to take a step further into ascension.”

"The Awakening" tracklist:
1. Under My Scars
2. Enlightened Fury
3. Realigning The Truth
4. The Awakening
5. Face Off
6. Facing My Fears
7. Shine
8. Man-Made God

Ols Ballta - vocals
Theo Napoloni - drums
Ben Turku - guitars
Arlind Zerdja - bass

“Realigning The Truth” - official video:

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    August 26, 2019

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