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Melodic Death Metal Overlords "AEPHANEMER" will smash you with a metal hammer

AEPHANEMER Toulouse-based Melodic Death Metal unit Aephanemer, who burst into the Metal scene in 2014, have signed a worldwide record deal with Napalm Records. With their debut EP "Know Thyself," followed by the first and critically acclaimed full-length "Memento Mori" in 2016, the band quickly began to grow a loyal fanbase and already left their big stamp in the current extreme Metal scene and beyond. Integrating musical elements from Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal, Slavic traditional music and classical symphonies, Aephanemer deliver such fresh and modern sound that could likely see them to influence a whole, new generation in metal.

After two years of songwriting and countless live performances, including a show at Wacken Open Air in 2018, Aephanemer have not just released their sophomore album, Prokopton, in March 2019, but have already gained the attention by leading Rock and Metal label Napalm Records:

"Over the course of 3 year I have been following Aephanemer and always impressively admired this French band style of Melodic Death Metal.“ A&R Sebastian Muench comments. "Napalm will re-release the unbelievable album "Prokopton" during late 2019 and fans of Wintersun, Children of Bodom and Ensiferum should get excited! "Bienvenue" to the Napalm family!“

Says the band about their recent signing: "We are more than happy to announce we have signed with one of the leading heavy metal record labels, and house of many bands we love : Napalm Records! After five years as an independent band, we are committed to get the most out of this opportunity to reach the next level and focus on our dearest duties : creating music, playing it live, and meeting our supporters! Many great things are coming!"

See Aephanemer's new video for the fierce track "Bloodline," taken from "Prokopton,"

Aephanemer is:
Martin Hamiche – Lead Guitar
Marion Bascoul – Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Lucie Woaye-Hune – Bass
Mickaël Bonnevialle – Drums

Aephanemer Live:
July 27 FR - Rock à Block, Le Girouard
August 5 CH - Pratteln
August 31 FR - Keudfest, Cossé-en-Champagne
September 6 FR - Metal Help Fest, Montpellier
September 21 ESP - Folk Fest Zaragoza, Zaragoza

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    July 22, 2019

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