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Black Sabbath: The worlds first Christian band?

gauntlet ascii Black Sabbath: The worlds first Christian band?

When you hear the words “Black Sabbath”,in relation to great old bands, you think of demons and darkness,right? Well, your correct for the most part. However, I believe that most people are mistaken about the meaning and content of the band's songs. They actually speak against Satan and the Occult and ask you to chose a Heavenly demise.
Below, in my article I will give several examples to prove my assumptions about this controversial topic.

The song “Black Sabbath” has a line in it that goes as such. “Satan's coming round' the bend, People running cause' their scared” and the song ends with the cry “Please God help me”! So you see that person is not embracing evil, rather ,they are calling on God to help save them from Satan.

“War Pigs” is an amazing melody and a brutal take on war in general and our leaders propensity to use soldiers as literal “pawns in chess” to borrow a bit from the song. At the end of the song we hear “Satan laughing spreads his wings” Satan is laughing because he has tricked the war mongers into believing his lies and they have not only delivered their souls but the souls of the people on Earth who blindly followed their lead without question.

Even one of the band's newer songs “Is God dead?” asks in the title is God still out there? Do people even believe in God anymore? Then Ozzy answers the question for us by stating in the lyrics “I don't believe God is dead.” Saying in effect “Don't give up, there is still some hope” and “There is still a higher purpose that we can all aspire to.”

Of course I am saying this with a bit of tongue in cheek. However, even though “Black Sabbath “ wouldn't be classified as traditional “Christian music” I am saying that there is a deeper meaning to the lyrics than most people care to discover for themselves.

Frank M. Statler AKA The Ram

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    July 05, 2019

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