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Beast from Singapore - AXIS MUNDI Fearlessly Crush the Genre Blueprint with new EP - THE DEPTHS

Axis Mundi Having released their EP - THE DEPTHS, world wide the Singapore band with its very ambitious name are aiming high. In four tracks any metal fan should be able to see a shade of difference that is awesome, inventive and bound to make an impact. Add to that a nod to Nirvana with a cover of TERRITORIAL PISSINGS, which is discussed here. There is also an official video of this track below

When you first hear this cover, for about the first five seconds, you think, hmm death metal, cool drums and an ax that goes places you are never ready for. Check out SNAKE at about 1:05 and hear a sound that is either a very bizarre guitar timbre or a synth. I can hear the picking so I’ll just go with guitar and one of the most original shreds I have heard.

Yes, they have synth that varies from mysterious and freaky coloring to thematic undertone that might fit in a… Wait for it ...Rush Record. Attention Rush haters, the tracks are not anything like Rush, it's just the keys that put down an outro theme in Revelation. And it is so fucking cool - another original convention.

The vocalist does a very solid growl but is able to take it up into the higher raspy frying of black metal. Breakdowns are seamless as is the Vox ability to slide right into pitch change that is never heard in death metal.

Singapore is the home of great metal. But many fans may not realize the challenges that bands sometimes face from the government oversight of art - specifically Music.

This band would fit in a lot of genre, including groove metal, grindcore, sludge, and stoner. Quite a mixture and its all there packaged neatly in four track. This is a great debut EP and should be purchased so these guys can give us a full length. Stay tuned for a massive give-away this week from The Gaunlet. Keep your eyes on this site.

Axis Mundi


GAUNTLET I understand some metal bands in S’Pore are incorporating traditional ethnic music, while others have not a speck of it. Are these bands doing so to appease the government or avoid Censorship? Or is it just their choice of sound?

I can say in the metal scene in Singapore there is definitely no music made to appease anyone but the bands themselves or the fans. Music made is strictly a personal choice, since even normal metal music is already being censored with gigs being petitioned against and cancelled as well as venues hosting metal gigs being investigated. It's a tough scene but it makes us closer and stronger.

GAUNTLET You guys seem serious and determined. Do you have a vision or endgame?

This band is all about focus, we keep it small (3 people) and it helps our creative process. The only endgame is to properly express ourselves with sound we are curating and deliver a sound that resonates with people, keep it honest, keep it true, anything else that comes after will be a bonus.

GAUNTLET Was there a moment in your life/lives when you had a moment of truth where you suddenlly new absolutely that this was something you were going to do for the rest of your life.

Personally for me it was 14 when i discovered heavy music and that was the first time i had the thought " i want to pick up a guitar and play THAT with a band!". Been in bands and playing ever since!

GAUNTLET Ok this is a slightly mundane question but there are 2 members listed as vocals/lyrics. Are there 2 singers? One more of a black metal sound, the other a growler? Or..Is this one singer with a very diverse set of vocals?

The main growl vocalist is Sathish with me providing backups, but lyrically we both contribute, i normally write draft lyrics when i craft out the song demos, just to give some ideas for vocal passages. Then when i bring the songs into the jam room, Sathish brings his own take on them and sometimes morphs and twists the themes into something completely new which is pretty awesome!

GAUNTLET Is the whole band born in Singapore? Tell me about the environment for metal there? I remember when Watain was banned. Why does it seem like there is a close eye kept on metal performers?

We we are all Singaporean, I personally was born in Belgium when my parents went over for business but my family moved back when I was very young so we are all raised Singaporean. It's a very close knit community and every show is always like a family gathering it's awesome! That is the internal view of the metal scene, an external view from general public is mostly always skewed though that is pretty normal everywhere around. The main difference that Singapore is a more rule orientated and strict country, so outliers from the norm are always kept a close watch on and you are quick to be told when its not alright to do something.

GAUNTLET Have any of you ever had a near death experience? If so tell us about it.

So far we have been lucky not to have any!

GAUNTLET A Paranormal experience? if so tell us.

I personally have never experienced anything paranormal, that still makes me doubt the existence of ghosts and shit, but you never know right? haha

GAUNTLET If you are familiar with the Film: the Matrix, which pill would you take

Red Pill, every damn time. A life lived in truth is always better than one with your eyes closed.

GAUNTLET Technology is accelerating toward a immortality pill. They already have a 30 year life extension product complete and ready for FDA. If I offered you the immortality pill would you take it?

Nope. I think part of the beauty of life is that it has an expiration date, you have limited time, that gives you a drive, you appreciate things more because you know nothing is forever.

GAUNTLET What do you believe happens when you die?

I don't know and this is something i actually don't think about, I'd rather focus on the here and now.

GAUNTLET Do you have any fans with tattoos of the band?

Hahaha that would be pretty crazy to be honest! Not yet!

GANTLET Is the world approaching self destruction very quickly?

I believe humanity will figure out a way to get us through, as it always has.

GAUNTLET What is your biggest spinal tap moment?

I don't know if this was the biggest but it's something i will always remember, it was one of the first gigs i ever played and we were doing a cover of Slipknot's "Before i forget". and right before the heavy riff dropped, i stepped on the wrong guitar pedal and turned of my distortion hahaha. We ended up going hard into an acoustic version of the bloody song and to make things even better, right at that moment my drummer at the time lost his grip on his stick and it flew right into my face. Good times.

GAUNTLET Thats fantastic, would like to have seen that.
Does the band have an guiding ethos or philosophy?

Keep things honest and intense. I want to evoke emotions and put on a performance during a live show.

GAUNTLET Besides music what is your favorite pastime? Hobbie? Recreational pursuit?

I'm a sound engineer by trade so i love mixing, producing music, the EP was handled by me from drum recording to mastering and it was a blast! Looking to get an even bigger sound for the Album! I also love video games and movies! Playing the latest FarCry at the moment!

GAUNTLET Are your represented by a label?

Not as yet

GAUNTLET How is the EP selling?

It isn't, i just wanted to release this digitally at the moment to let people listen at their own leisure and get to know the band and sound while we craft out our album. So no physical copies were made, though we do get a demand for it i wouldn't mind making some.

GAUNTLET Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Thank you for taking the time to listen to what we have to say and we hope we made your day slightly better with our noise. Hahaha

Short Bio:
Axis Mundi is a 3 piece Sludge metal band formed in 2018 with former members of Stillborn and Zaganoth. Mixing influences from death metal, stoner, sludge, doom and more, they weave their heavy music with heavy esoteric and symbolic themes. For fans of High on Fire and Nails.

In April 04 2019 their debut EP - The Depths was released, with the music video for the cover track "Territorial Pissings" being released on BlankTV, METAL WORLDWIDE and the EP being featured on the youtube channel 666MrDoom! links below!

Axis Mundi is looking forward to playing their debut show, on June 9th this year in Singapore, alongside Brazilian Death metal giants NERVOCHAOS! They are currently in the final stages of writing their debut ALBUM, and will be going into the studios to record at end of this year.

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    June 11, 2019

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