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ENTOMBED1 Swedish death metal titans ENTOMBED's third album, 'Wolverine Blues', and British legends BOLT THROWER's 'The IVth Crusade', have been reissued on Full Dynamic Range vinyl and are now available to purchase again.

Earache Records revolutionised the way music fans can enjoy their favourite metal albums several years ago with the launch of the Full Dynamic Range (FDR) format. A counteraction to the "Loudness Wars", Full Dynamic Range vinyl ensures that fans hear the music as it was intended to sound - pure and organic audio pressed straight to 180-gram vinyl from the original studio analogue or DAT tapes.

After the original FDR pressings of 'Wolverine Blues' and 'The IVth Crusade' quickly sold out, fans have since been clamouring for another pressing, and are now able to get their hands on these rejuvenated metal classics once more.

Originally released in 1993, ENTOMBED's 'Wolverine Blues' saw the band incorporating new sounds into their music, blending death metal, hard rock and heavy metal into "death 'n' roll". ENTOMBED were the first extreme metal band to enter the charts in their native Sweden, and are still frequently featured in lists of top death metal bands.

Get 'Wolverine Blues' now on black and limited edition silver Full Dynamic Range vinyl HERE!

BOLT THROWER originally released their aptly-titled fourth album 'The IVth Crusade' in 1992, introducing doom metal influences to their already massive death metal sound and producing some of the band's heaviest songs in the process. It was this brand of crushing, war-obsessed death metal which helped propel the band to the top of the genre alongside such contemporaries as NAPALM DEATH, MORBID ANGEL and ENTOMBED.

Get 'The IVth Crusade' now on black and limited edition silver Full Dynamic Range vinyl HERE!

Pick up more Earache FDR titles now, including some limited-time Black Friday deals on releases from the likes of AT THE GATES, CARCASS, NAPALM DEATH, SLEEP and more HERE!

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    November 25, 2017

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