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DAYS OF THE DEAD Fest - in Red Deer, AB - October 26th and 29th

Days Of The Dead Halloween may be about putting on a costume and trick or treating around your city block, but in Red Deer, AB it's about so much more. The rumours in the area describe a mass pilgrimage, a collective gathering from across Alberta and beyond, a zombie mosh pit coming alive. Are the rumours true...? Well during the Days of the Dead Festival, a Heavy Metal Music Festival Costume Party Extravaganza takes over!

DAYS OF THE DEAD Fest celebrates the heavy sounds of metal, punk and hardcore along with the ritual of transforming yourself in to another character during the Halloween weekend in October.

Now in its 4th year, Days of The Dead has grown to a three day event hosting over 30 bands from across Canada for both all ages and 18+ shows for a reunion of friends, music fans and a Halloween aficionados.

Taylor McNallie is our host!!!

The full line up for DOTD 2017 is now ready and fully unleashed with headliners Anciients, Ninjaspy, Dusty Tucker, Without Mercy, West of Hell and more.

***KICKOFF PARTY*** Thursday, October 26th at THE VAT PUB

Hunted By Ravens

Friday, October 27th at THE VAT PUB:
West of Hell (Vancouver, BC)
Anchoress (Vancouver, BC)
Pridelands (Red Deer, AB)
KYOKTYS (Calgary, AB)
VOTOV (Winnipeg, MB)
Earth's Ashes (Red Deer, AB)
GrizzlyHawk (Humboldt, SK)
Follow The Sorrow (Red Deer, AB)
Spurn (Calgary, AB)
Killed By The Nine (Red Deer, AB)

Saturday October 28th at THE VAT PUB:
ANCIIENTS (Vancouver, BC)
Ninjaspy (Vancouver, BC)
Without Mercy (Vancouver, BC)
TDT - Tyler Dory Trio (Edmonton, AB)
Leave the Living (Red Deer, AB)
Dead 3 Days (Oshawa, ON)
Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy (Oshawa, ON)
The Myopia Condition (Red Deer, AB)
Juliet Ruin (Edmonton, AB)
Wives Tail (Red Deer, AB)

Sunday, October 29th at The INTERNATIONAL BEER HAUS ***ALL AGES***:

Ninjaspy (Vancouver, BC)
Shotgunner (Edmonton, AB)
Black Friday (Edmonton, AB)
Exit Strategy (Calgary, AB)
Hammerdrone (Calgary, AB)
DropDeadFred (Kelowna, BC)
Fück Nazi (Red Deer, AB)
In Ruin (Saskatoon, SK)
Skeptal (Red Deer, AB)

Info links:
Festival Facebook page: HERE!
Festival Facebook Event: HERE!
Festival Kick Off Party Event: HERE!

Tickets info:

TICKETS GO ON SALE now from local bands, the Soundhouse, The Vat, International Beer Haus, or online at HERE!


$30 Individual day passes now available!

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    September 17, 2017

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