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Corey Taylor Says Fans Will “Freak Out” When Hearing New Stone Sour Album

Stone Sour Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor fans "are gonna freak out" when they hear the band's album, "Hydrograd".
When speaking to Kilpop, Taylor said about the making of the new STONE SOUR album (see video below): "Sphere Studios is one of the best studios I've ever worked at. All the people there are some of the best people I've ever worked with. And we captured lightning — not even in a bottle — in a jar that nobody's seen in a thousand years. It is so goddamn good. People are gonna freak out. It's so good."
Stone Sour bassist Johnny Chow recently described "Hydrograd" as "a straight rock and roll album," adding that it's "a little bit of a departure" from the band's previous output. Speaking with Detroit radio station WRIF, Chow said: "This album is just a straight rock and roll album. There's some kind of FOO FIGHTERS-meets-CHEAP TRICK, but there's also groove-heavy stuff. It's not heavy in the way of SLAYER… It's just very groove-oriented, very melodic [with] big choruses. We've got some mellower songs on there too, which are equally just as amazing and have a lot of groove to them."
He added: "This album is a little bit of a departure from previous STONE SOUR albums. We think it's the best one yet."

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    April 10, 2017

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