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Rock Out To Judas Priest In Babaroga’s in New VR Game

road to valhalla Article Originally Appeared in VR Focus

Rhythm action videogames are becoming a new trend in virtual reality (VR) videogames. A year ago we had just Audio Shield on HTC Vive, then came Rez Infinite on PlayStation VR. More recently came the release of Rock Band VR for Ouclus Rift and Oculus Touch and Kickstarter campaign for Guitar Godz. Now though, Babaroga llc has entered the field with their own take on the genre, featuring Judas Priest.

Road to Valhalla is the new videogame from the studio behind Underworld Overlord and Solitaire VR, as well as the hugely popular videogame adaptation of Zombies!!!, and is designed specifically for VR. A debut trailer has been revealed (included below) showcasing the gameplay in-action, but little else is currently known about the title.

VRFocus contacted Babaroga llc to confirm that the videogame was currently in development, where a representative of the studio stated that the trailer below was comprised entirely of in-game footage. VRFocus will keep you updated as more details on Road to Valhalla are revealed.

Author: Kevin Joyce
An experienced videogame journalist with more than a decade covering console, PC and mobile platforms. Editor-in-Chief at VRFocus, Kevin Joyce oversaw the launch of the website in 2014 and continues to lead the operation on a daily basis.

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    April 03, 2017

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