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RELAPSE RECORDS Launches FREE 2016 Sampler

relapse Relapse Records has released their free annual label sampler showcasing the label’s eclectic roster and featuring a track from every 2016 releases in addition to songs from brand new signings to look forward to next year. The 40-song sampler is available for free download and streaming via Bandcamp at the location below. From death metal and grindcore to experimental and electronic music, there is something for every listener!

Relapse Sampler 2016 by Relapse Sampler

The 2016 Relapse Sampler features songs from label heavyweights such as RED FANG, NOTHING, OBSCURA, THE ALBUM LEAF, OBITUARY, etc. alongside tracks from the debut full-lengths of WRONG, GATECREEPER, INVERLOCH, SUMERLANDS, BRAIN TENTACLES, and GRAVES AT SEA. Additionally the sampler contains tracks from special re-issues by metal legends DEATH and PENTAGRAM as well as from newly signed Relapse artists THE OBSESSED, INTEGRITY, KING WOMAN and CLOAKROOM. A complete tracklisting is available below.

Relapse 2016 Sampler Tracklisting:

1. Red Fang - Flies

2. Obituary - Ten Thousand Ways To Die

3. Death - Zombie Ritual (Remastered)

4. Gatecreeper - Craving Flesh

5. Gruesome - Forces Of Death

6. Obscura - Akróasis

7. Ulcerate - Extinguished Light

8. Sumerlands - Seventh Seal

9. Inter Arma - Transfiguration

10. Nothing - ACD (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)

11. S U R V I V E - Wardenclyffe

12. The Album Leaf - Between Waves

13. Boris - Farewell

14. True Widow - Entheogen

15. Horseback - Shape of the One Thing

16. Myrkur - Onde Børn (Live)

17. Magrudergrind - Relentless Hatred01:41

18. Weekend Nachos - Dust

19. Gadget - Violent Hours (For A Veiled Awakening)

20. Brain Tentacles - Kingda Ka

21. Ringworm - Snake Church

22. Black Tusk - God's On Vacation

23. Wrong - Entourage

24.Cough - The Wounding Hours

25.Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Not A Daughter

26.Inverloch - Distance Collapsed (In Rubble)

27.Seven Sisters Of Sleep - The Curse That Is

28.Graves At Sea - War Master

29.-(16)- - The Absolute Center of a Pitch Black Heart

30. Lycus - Solar Chamber

31. Bloodiest - Mesmerize

32. Tombs - Deceiver

33. The Obsessed - Be The Night (Demo)

34. Integrity - Deathly Fighter

35. Ilsa - Cult of the Throne

36. King Woman - Shame (Live Audiotree Session)

37. Pentagram - Forever My Queen (Remastered)

38. Opprobrium - Voices From The Grave

39. Davie Allan - Buzz Saw Effect

40. Cloakroom - Big World

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    November 01, 2016

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