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ICYMI: Theologian

theologian The latest works of auditory cruelty from New York City-area dark ambient/industrial act, THEOLOGIAN, are out now, with their self-released new album, Dregs.

Evolving from its earliest incarnations, Dregs took on an entirely new aspect in recent weeks, the final product yielding more than an hour and ten minutes of material. Countless nocturnal recording expeditions and marathon mixing sessions have resulted in some of THEOLOGIAN’s most demoralizing material in years, with wells of harsh industrial chaos merging with rapturous end-time melodicism. Layers of electronically-generated chaos, devastating percussive attacks, low-end bass madness, multidimensional synth contributions, and multiple vocal styles were incorporated into eight new compositions.

Constructed by architect Lee Bartow (a.k.a. Theologian Prime), in league with core collaborators Daniel Suffering (Whorid, Slavernij) and Dave Brenner (Militia Men, Heidnik), Dregsis infused with otherworldly vocal contributions from Gretchen Heinel, Faith Ciavarella, and additional percussive elements by BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot). Available digitally and in a CDR format presented in a DVD-style booklet, accompanied by additional inserts, Dregs is out now on THEOLOGIAN’s own Annihilvs Power Electronix imprint.

THEOLOGIAN is working on at least four other new titles for release in 2016, when the band will tour both the East and West Coasts of North America including several festival performances, and will travel to Europe for the act’s very first time at the end of the year.

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    October 03, 2016

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