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BREAKING: PAST releases Cliffhanger on LP

French hardcore act PAST released a few weeks ago its brand new full-length album called 'Cliffhanger' available right now for LP and Digital through the almighty Voice Of The Unheard Records (Fall of Messiah, te:rs, Winter Dust...) and some other labels such as Désertion Records, Dingleberry Records and Distribution and Unlock Yourself Records.

For the record...

PAST is a three piece hardcore-rock band from Bordeaux, France which started to play Post Hardcore influenced music (Cult of Luna, Isis, Pelican...) and hit fastly some local scenes. After a first recording session in order to release a three tracks demo ('Weight Of Past', March 2013), PAST evolved in a Post Rock/Hardcore/ Screamo way and recorded a six tracks EP 'Never Fall Down' (November 2013) with the great contribution of producer Amaury Sauvé (Birds in Row, As We Draw, The Prestige, ...).

Then, the band toured on North West France along the European territory with the almighty As We Draw and Birds in Row before to begin to work on their debut full-length effort between 2014 and 2015, again with Amaury Sauvé.

On spring 2016, PAST released 'Challenger' debut album with the help of various independent labels such as VOTU Records, Dinglebery Records or Unlock Yourself Records.

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    June 25, 2016

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