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Free Music From Inverse Records: Creinium

Free Music Creinium is a hybrid metal band based in Helsinki, Finland.

Creinium’s music has always been about mixing together everything about metal, as well as many other genres, that the two songwriters Aleksi and Antti like. Creinium may superficially seem like melodic death or dark metal, but a more perceptive observation might reveal influences from all kinds of shit. Influences from progressive, folk, industrial, doom, death, black and dark metal, as well as jazz and electric music for instance.

Creinium’s music is diverse, distinctive and surprising. It might not open itself and hit you at the first listen, and it’s not supposed to. Creinium’s music is characterized by the mixing of different genres and subgenres, but also the strong and versatile use of keyboards and complex song structures.

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The album is released July 1st 2016 via Inverse Records.

Track list:
01. Hallucinosis
02. Seams
03. Astral Strain
04. The Ophidian Heir
05. Vigilance
06. Passage To An Altered Portrait
07. Conscious Eclipse
08. Solarbound Colony
09. The Diminished Perception
10. Prometheus Through Immolation
11. Compulsive Transition
12. God Monument

Hallucinosis (album) 2016
Divested Liberty (single) 2015
Project Utopia (EP) 2014
Modern World Tyranny (demo) 2013

Line-up on the album:
Aleksi Holma - Drums
Antti Myllynen - Keyboards
Eeli Helin - Vocals
Miiro Varjus - Bass
Tone Nyström - Guitars
Mikko Asplund - Guitars


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    June 22, 2016

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