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Society 1 announce the official video release for the song "You Say It's Heaven"

Society 1 Highly theatrical modern metal giants Society 1 announce the official video release for the song "You Say It's Heaven," a pre-release single from the forthcoming 6-song EP titled "Rise From The Dead."

Zane has sharpened the band to it's cutting state through a series of rotating artists that have helped create the the legacy. Ministry's Sin Quirin and Paul Raven, formerly of Killing Joke, have both tapped a vein to deliver the lifeblood that is Society 1 and their longstanding placement in modern metal, since their inception at the turn of the century, proves their staying power. What's more, the outrageous stage antics Zane masterfully brings to his audience has included performing a full 40 minute set suspended and swinging by four hooks through his back, as seen during the 2005 Download Festival; a record setting performance to beat!

Now in 2015, the band follows up their 2014 "Collection of Lies" CD with newly written and recorded tracks on an EP aptly titled "Rise From The Dead." Independently produced, as the band is now free of a label, the initial song and video release that's gaining interest is "You Say It's Heaven."

Another new item of note is that with newly written and recorded music, the band has also issued a comic based on the band "No Salvation." Learn more by visiting the band's website at

Officially released at midnight on November 9th, you now have the official link to see, hear and share what Society 1 is bring in to close out 2015.

See the video here

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    November 13, 2015

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