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Society 1 To Go 'Back To Basics'

Society 1 (2013) Society 1 frontman Matt 'The Lord' Zane has issued the following update on the band:

"After the dismal climax of my bands latest effort bassist Dirt Von Karloff and I had a sit down meeting to decide what was next if anything. First thing we had to ask ourselves was if we still enjoyed writing and performing music together. The answer was yes. Ok so what's next? We wanted to change the way we approach all of it to make it more fun with less waiting. We are going back to the basics.

"We will record new material but not entire albums at a time that take forever to finish and release. We will record and release singles ASAP ourselves.

No more established big name producers. People we worked with in the past were great but we want to work with hungry up and coming talented people. For the first track we hit up Alex Divine from Diminished 7 to engineer and produce.

"No more headlining tours. We are going to really focus on just playing in LA where it all started or support other bands on the road.

"Probably the most important we finally realized it's time to write a set of songs that we want to. Explore more of the hidden aspects to our sound. People kept asking why I didn't sing more like on the end of 'Lifeless'. Well I thought I was expected to sound a certain way but now I realized it doesn't matter anymore. It's liberating. It's time to sing how I choose.

"After you have a bit of success as we did when you try to come back a ton of people come out of nowhere and sell you a bill of goods. I will admit I believed it for moment but really it all ends up being bullshit. I'm not caught up in it anymore and am just going to do what I wanted to all along which was just create and perform. No expectations, not trying to recapture former glory and not putting the band out there as the next big thing.

"Alex said to me the other day when we were discussing the first track "A lot of people forget why we do this in the first place, the love of music". He was right. I forgot but it was only temporary amnesia. Let's have some fun."

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    September 02, 2013

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