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Steve Aoki Caught Using Pirated Software To Work On Linkin Park Collaboration

Linkin Park (2008 credit James Minchin) Popular EDM artist and Dim Mak records label head Steve Aoki has been working on a track with Linkin Park. The song was performed live over a week ago at a festival in Japan. Aside from the out of key singing by Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, "A Light That Never Comes" collaboration with Aoki seemed to be a fan favorite.

Now it has been learned that Aoki mixed the track using Sylenth 1 VST, a popular suite of audio tools by Lennar Digital. The software retails for $215 which shouldn't be much for Aoki and his reported $12 million salary, but as redditers have posited out, Aoki has been caught red handed. reports that in a short video clip showing Aoki working on the track, the registration tag clearly states Team ArCADE, a polular internet cracking group.
steve aoki pirates software So far, Aoki and Lennar Digital have been quiet on the matter. You can check out the video clip below.

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    August 22, 2013

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