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Society 1 Releases New Lyric Video

Society 1 (2013) Society 1 has released a new lyric video for 'Kill Me'. Unlike most lyrics videos with a stationary image, director and frontman Matt 'The Lord' Zane shot a full video to be displayed behind the lyrics.
With lyric videos becoming an important aspect of marketing a bands music every act is releasing some form of lyric video. With the release of 'Kill Me,' the band wanted to capitalize on the new trend as well but create something a little more unique. 'Kill Me' is the first lyric video to blend the lyrics into an actual performance. Matt Zane considers it the first of lyric hybrid videos. Check it out here.

The video starts out as if the words are just there but become more and more integrated as the video progresses. As if the words are part of the scene and the performance." said Zane

The video was edited and animated by Matt Zane who is also a video director. He recently finished directing and editing a video for DMC and Wayne Static called 'Noise Revolution'.

The "Screams Of Sadist" EP was produced by Raymond Herrera with mixing and mastering done by Logan Mader.

Society 1 - Kill Me (Lyric Video) from Lord Zane on Vimeo.

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    August 08, 2013

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