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Wayne Static Brings The Evil Disco To Eternal Descent Video Game

Wayne Static will be joining Joe Satriani, Michael Amott (Arch Enemy)Andrew W.K., and Misha Mansoor of Periphery in "Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes."

Evil Disco Storm bringer, Wayne Static (STATIC-X) returns to electrify the city streets, leaving a wasteland in his wake.

- Beware: High Voltage!
- Original Voice Acting and SFX Performances.
- Collaborated on unique Boss Theme featuring 'Pighammer' audio masters.
- Reprising his role from the Eternal Descent comic series (Vol.1 #4)

Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes will be available on July 17th on iTunes for $1.99, with a series of updates and expansions planned throughout the year. Android, PC and home console versions of Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes are planned throughout 2014.

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    July 09, 2013

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