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The More I See Shoot Music Video On Set Of Star Wars

British metallers TMIS (THE MORE I SEE) have finished shooting their first ever music video, for their track "The Eye That Offends", on the set of one of the most legendary movies of all time: Star Wars.

Long after being abandoned, TMIS - led by 22-year old Peterborough native JAMES CLUER - travelled deep into the Tunisian desert to shoot what is undoubtedly one of the most visually stunning music videos ever made. With the ever-shifting desert sands gradually moving in and reclaiming the land, the band chose to visit the iconic movie set before it's lost forever, capturing in the process a stunning performance in an equally stunning locale.

You can check out footage from the shoot below and photos can be viewed here.

TMIS frontman JAMES CLUER comments:

"It was an amazing experience to go out and venture a great part of North Africa in Tunisia to film amongst some of the greatest film locations possible! Being a massive fan of Star Wars myself (especially films 4, 5 and 6) it was great to go and see Mos Eisley as it is known, as a lot of the old props are still standing strong and look epic! The part which was my childhood dream was to see the igloo on the Tunisian/Algerian border, as it is just in the middle of a barren salt lake, and watching the sun set behind us whilst shooting the last scene for the video was really special!"

To reach their awe-inspiring destination, TMIS drove for six hours across the desert with instruments and camera equipment in tow, pushing themselves to the limit in the sweltering desert heat as they set up and performed in numerous locations which will be instantly-recognisable to any fan of the films, all while avoiding rattlesnakes and the first rainstorm in four years - a rare occurrence which, coincidentally, also held up filming on the original Star Wars in 1976.

Interesting facts about the band's journey:

Total miles travelled = 896
Number of hours spent in a cramped car = 23
Maximum temperature reached = 36 degrees Celsius
Total rain = 45 minutes
Number of abandoned cars spotted = 9
Number of creepy crawlies encountered = 7 snakes, 1 lizard, 11 beetles, around 500 giant ants, 20 donkeys, 2 camels and 1 falcon
Number of Star Wars quotes spoken during filming = approx. 100
Number of film set locations visited = 3
Number of places females in the crew refused entry to = 7

"The Eye That Offends" is set to appear on TMIS' new album, THE DISAPPEARING HUMANS, which was mixed by producer SCOTT ATKINS (SYLOSIS, BEHEMOTH, SAVAGE MESSIAH) and mastered at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios with STEVE ROOKE (THE BEATLES). The album is due to be released later this year on Earache Records in Europe, and via Earache Records in the USA.

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    June 12, 2013

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