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Opeth Frontman Thanks Fans For Support

Opeth Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth posted the following message on Facebook today, celebrating the end of their touring in support of their latest album, 2011's Heritage:

Well, we just got back home after over 200 shows in support of Heritage. It's been a fantastic experience with many odd, great, wonderful memories. Our collective brains have a lot to take in. We want to say thanks for all your support. We've had an amazing run, travelling around the globe multiple times to play for you guys. Ah, the memories. We've played in the Maldives in front of a Muslim crowd. Saw women in niqabs and burqhas headbanging to 'Deliverance'. Played in what looked like a rainforest fortress in Singapore. Almost got caught in the recent Oklahoma tornados. Got snowed in in Sweden of all places. Hit my head in a bus in Minneapolis and cancelled (gasp!) a show. Stadium rock in Helsinki. 2 runs in Australia, 2 runs in Japan. The amazing response in South America. Fucking great response pretty much everywhere. Mastodon, Ghost, Katatonia thank you! Hecklers & obsessive fans shoulder to shoulder. Lovely North America taking such good care of us. Europe, Scandinavia took us once again under its wing. Getting pretentious now! I'll stop! Just want to say THANK YOU! From us...Opeth!"

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    June 02, 2013

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