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Steel Panther Discusses Positioning Fat Chicks For Optimal Sound For Recording On Tour Bus

Steel Panther (2012) Steel Panther frontman Michael Starr has checked in with The Gauntlet again from its' current tour across the U.S. Starr tells us that "we have finished the recording of our new record on the road. We brought a mobile recording studio with us on the bus. We get great acoustics on the bus as we take the girls that spent the night and position them around for better acoustics. The fat chicks really suck up a lot of the sound. You gotta put one fat chick on the top bunk and then another right next to the vocal mic so the fat soaks up all the extra sound."

Starr went on to discuss the methods for positioning other types of girls on the bus. He stated that "the ugly girls will deflect sound so we keep them away from the mic as we don't want any reverb unless it is called for. This was our first time recording on the bus so a lot of it was trial and error and I am just sharing with you what we learned."

You can catch Steel Panther on the road, tour dates are below.

Steel Panther's third album is expected to be released in early Fall. It was produced by Jay Ruston.

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    April 29, 2013

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