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SOCIETY 1 Set To Shoot New Music Video For Upcoming EP 'Screams Of A Sadist'

Society 1 Society 1 will be shooting a video for their new track 'Lifeless' next week in downtown Los Angeles CA. The song was recorded as part of their new EP 'Screams Of A Sadist' which is being produced by Raymond Herrera (FEAR FACTORY, ARKAEA, 3VOLUTION) and engineer Jeremy Blair (FEAR FACTORY, DEVILDRIVER, ZAKK WYLDE, GUNS N' ROSES). Joining founding SOCIETY 1 member and vocalist Lord Zane in the video are guitarist Brian Jackson (SKINLAB), bassist Dirt VonKarloff and drummer Pete Pace (LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT). The video that will be mostly performance based is a stark contrast to previous Society 1 videos.

"Considering I've done everything from suspending in our videos to playing Hitler and being crucified like Jesus Christ I wanted to base this video around the current line up to really let people know this is a real band and not a bunch of hired guns. The band you see in the video is the band that played on the EP and is the band you'll see live when we hit the stage." said Zane

The topic matter of the song is based around the concept of 'Small Death' which is a term Tantric practitioner's call the male orgasm and Zane's struggle with sex addiction.

"There is a line in the song that says 'Death hides inside sex' and for me that defines the majority of my life. It's about my compulsion to seek out sexual release from faceless strangers regardless of consequence and the dire results that follow. The lyrics really delve into how conflicted yet disgusted I am on a daily basis yet can't seem to escape my actions and how everyone in my path becomes a victim. I feel this behavior leaves me lifeless which is just another way of me saying I feel soulless."

Society 1 will be hitting road for the first time in seven years with a headlining shows in Modesto, CA on March 8th and Las Vegas, NV March 9th with Dedvolt.

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    February 28, 2013

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