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Live Blogging From The Marilyn Manson Concert

Marilyn Manson (Reuters) 9:01 pm - And the lights dim, time for the Butcher Babies...yawn

7:42 pm - Still don't have doors

7:35 pm - Butcher Babies to rock the fuck out.

7:01 pm - Opening bands soundcheck is done. So bored. Got here at 6 and 1st band goes on at 9. I need to start checking times.

6:39 pm - YES!!! Problem solved. A guy just came by and picked it up. Drove me nuts that his shoe laces were untied though.

6:35 pm - Damn piece of trash is driving me insane.

6:34 pm - It is like a battle, who will win...OCD or fear of germs.

6:32 pm - This piece of trash is driving my OCD crazy...but my fear of germs is preventing me from picking it up.

6:28 pm - Spoke to security guard at the club. he stated that fans began lining up at 6am today.

6:23 pm - The line of Manson's meet n greet fans are being let in. 70 people dressed like Manson carrying watercolor pictures they painted of their idol.

6:21 pm - Made it in...the exciting backstage area.

6:01 pm - Fucking cold out. I would put my hoodie on but LAPD out in force and they love shooting guys in hoodies.

5:58 pm - News folks

5:55 pm - Made it to Nokia. Jerry bus funeral just let out...mass people here.

8:41 am - Be sure to check back tonight at 7pm pst when we go live.

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    February 21, 2013

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