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SEEDS OF IBLIS Album Gets Release Date

Seeds of Iblis The fires of wrath burn strong in the Middle-East and in wartorn Iraq true hatred florishes. From the shackles of islam rises SEEDS OF IBLIS, Iraqian anti-islam Black Metal horde, lead furiously by a woman of blasphemous dedication, Anahita! The rite of the Black Quran continues their path started by the previously released "Jihad against islam" 7" EP, spits on the teachings of Allah and inverts the Quran to Black Quran, accompanied with tunes of fast and mystical Black Metal. The "Black Quran" MCD features one long song with interludes and passages to ridicule islam in a most blasphemous way. Truly dangerous Black Metal from the lands where war is reality and the struggle against islam can be lethal. The album will be released on Feb 15 and can be pre-ordered here.

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    February 06, 2013

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