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ANNIHILATED Music Video Makes Seizure Inducing History

Los Angeles based death metallers, Annihilated, released a new music video over the weekend for "Injected." The video was directed by Matt Zane (Society 1) who is no stranger to pushing the envelope in music videos, on stage and off. Zane, who is no stranger to directing music videos, stated "I wanted to make a video that followed the speed and intensity of death metal. It always seemed to me that most death metal videos were edited to slow for the music."

The finished product is a seizure inducing music video with 4,508 cuts in just under 4 minutes. The video took just 12 hours to shoot, but another "7 days total to edit" according to Zane. "It wasn't difficult keeping up with the kick drum just time consuming. Being in sync with all the stops and drum patterns was more challenging. It's crazy to think that in certain parts of the video almost 100 images are passing every 4 seconds. The band asked if we should issue a warning for people who are prone to seizures."

You can check out the video below or at the band's youtube page here.

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    November 19, 2012

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