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SOCIETY 1 Seeks New Drummer

Society 1 - Matt Zane Society 1 are seeking a drummer to complete the latest line up consisting of vocalist Matt "The Lord" Zane, guitarist Brian Jackson (Skinlab) and bassist Brett Pirozzi (Bile). The group is accepting submissions from interested parties at

Society 1 released the single and video for “Kill Me” earlier in the year to mixed reviews due to the extreme content. Online metal sites deemed the video "…seriously controversial…" because "…singer Lord Zane (was depicted) as both Jesus AND Hitler, the video is a chaotic, frenzied montage of blood, breasts, swastikas, and sadomasochistic violence. (Jonny B. –Bloody Disgusting) Despite Zane being admonished within the press the video was seen over 90,000 times making it the most viewed Society 1 video on Youtube.

“The year was off to a good start. After the video was released we were offered a few tours and completed writing for the new EP Screams Of A Sadist but unfortunately I became side tracked with my video production company and physical rehabilitation.” Said Zane

A neck injury resulting from breaking the world record in body suspension has kept Zane on the sidelines most of the year as well as his directing gigs. Zane began directing music videos in 2011 and his company required more time and energy than what was originally expected.

“After I directed Wayne Static’s Assassins Of Youth video things really picked up with my company. I just didn’t focus enough on Society 1. We had this little burst of momentum from “Kill Me” and the rest of the material ready to go but I didn't capitalize on the opportunities that were presented."

Now Zane is ready to distribute his time better with the help of former Skinlab guitarist Brian Jackson to refocus the group on what needs to be done in order to return to a working band.

"We've been offered some tours overseas in 2013 so it's really time to get everything on point and ready to go. There is a lot of work to do but I’m feeling better than I have in years."

Check out the links below to the latest Society 1 video "Kill Me" and promotional tour video.

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    August 08, 2012

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