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HATEBREED Labeled As A White Supremacist Group By CNN

Hatebreed (2010) As the media looks for who to blame for the shooting at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin over the weekend, many groups of people will be targeted unjustly. As we saw following the Aurora, CO theater shooting last month, gun control is always a popular scapegoat when there is such an act of senseless violence. With the Sikh temple shooting however, it is becoming more and more clear that music is in the crosshairs.

Today, CNN decided to venture into the debate and publicly lay blame on hateful heavy metal. In the article today, CNN stated "At any given time, about 100 to 150 white power bands are in the United States. The bands' own names defiantly express feelings of hate or violence: Aggravated Assault, Angry Aryans, Attack, Definite Hate, Final Solution, Force Fed Hate, Fueled by Hate, Hatebreed, Hate Crime, Jew Slaughter and White Terror, among others."

Hatebreed is anything but hate music. Following the post by CNN, Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta took to twitter and stated
"Again @CNN loses all respect. First they ignore the #FREERANDYBLYTHE story now they slander us. We demand a retraction & an apology. #hacks"

"Writers like Lonnie Nasatir are the reason why the American media is looked at as a complete joke. Shame on @CNN & @chicagoadl @cnnopinion"

"Our music brings people of all races together all over the world. @CNN @cnnopinion & @chicagoADL need to get their facts straight."

"Our name has been removed from the article. Thanks to all of our fans!"

"If Lonnie doesnt issue an apology we'll post his name & phone # for u guys to call & email him. Thanx everyone! Your dedication inspires us."

CNN scribe Lonnie even showed some metal knowledge by stating "A white supremacist form of death metal music, known as National Socialist Black Metal Music or NSBM, has become popular."

Why blame the music for Wade Page's violence? Why not blame the most racist and violence group in the U.S., our military.

From a different CNN article "Outside every major military installation, you will have at least two or three active neo-Nazi organizations actively trying to recruit on-duty personnel," said T.J. Leyden, a former white power skinhead in the U.S. Marines who now conducts anti-extremism training."

It wasn't a heavy metal band that recruited Page into extremism, it was our own military. The band was just the outlet for him to get attention and a sense of belonging.

So why blame metal instead of guns or the military? That is easy. We are an easy target with no lobby. It also makes a great scary story for the nightly news.

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    August 08, 2012

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