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Because the Gods of Rock & Roll are mad at me for purchasing that new Simple Plan album, I stood in line at the Backstage Live venue and didn't get inside until Ghost was finishing their last song. The line was LONG and I never act like a douche and cut ahead just because I am on the guest list. From all that I heard outside, Ghost sounded awesome. Mastodon set up rather quickly and and without any crowd banter the sounds of 'Black Tongue' started off their set. Since this is a metal site and those reading this are metal heads, I will assume that you know how bad ass Mastodon is but do you realize how bad ass they sound live? Even in a venue with a shitty sound system their music came through powerfully! They might lack any shred of actual stage show but they play so epically that it's really not an issue. The hour and change they played went quickly and made up for the fact that i was pretty pissed about missing Ghost.

If the crowd was hype for Mastodon, then they were absolutely insane for Opeth. I like that the singer was a bit more stage friendly and did a better job of interacting the crowd. I wasn't really an Opeth fan when i went to that show, but once they started playing, I was hooked. Akerfeldt's growls and singing are powerful and refreshing. Who would have thought such epic music had managed to slip past me? I truly enjoyed every song and the way the singer joked with us. If you haven't seen them live yet and they are coming to your area, GO! The show is well worth it for many reasons.

Side note: There were a ton of hot chicks there! Like more hot chicks then any other metal show I’ve been to thus far. I love that i had a backstage pass, made flirting with the girls way easier when they thought i would take them back stage. Sadly the bands all but disappeared once their sets were complete and the girls did too.

Be sure to catch Mastodon, Opeth and Ghost like at the Gibson Ampitheater Thursday, April 26. Click here for more information.

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    April 24, 2012

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