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Live From The Golden Gods

Brandy B-day 1:32 am - Bring out MANSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:32 am - Least metal album of the year wins metal album of the year. Only at the Golden Gods.

1:30 am - Korn wins metal album of the year, didn't show up to claim it.

1:28 am - I agree Avenged Sevenfold get best fans. People are going nuts.

1:22 am - Forgot, Amy Lee Best Vocalist

1:21 am - Why is this even an award? Most metal athlete CN Punk????

1:15 am - Best live band goes to Avenged Sevenfold

1:12 am - Slash and Alice "Schools Out"

1:08 am - First mention of a true metaller, and its a 93 year old dead guy. RIP Jim Marshall

1:05 am - Damn, weed is making me tired

1:03 am - Back with the crowd. They need me to wake them up after Slash. He was good, but people don't seem into him here.

12:56 am - Great solos

12:54 am - battery at 12%

12:54 am - Slash is playing, all hail our new riff lord.

12:51 am - X Japan won best international band

12:51 am - Watching on a monitor, Lita looks good.

12:48 am - Slipknot won something. Sorry was getting baked with some guys in a band.

12:40 am - Worked, i'm in. Hope there is food.

12:37 am - Gonna head backstage. Jason said this 2010 VIP pass should still work.

12:34 am - Wish i had to piss again.

12:31 am - Band with a hot siner. Mightr be the beer goggles. Didnt catch the band cuz someone kept screaming Eddie. I didn't know Iron Maiden was here tonight.

12:29 am - Slash is the riff lord. Wins that award. fitting. for the kids playing at home, before he was Fergie's guitarist, he played in a band called Guns N' Roses. Ask your parents.

12:22 am - Rush! Still waiting for a metal band to show up though.

12:20 am - Tenacious D giving out Dio award.

12:19 am - Shit, battery is dying

12:18 am - Confession: I WANT to see Marilyn Manson perform.

12:16 am - Walking back to my seat. Was just asked who is performing next. I said Kreator...blank stares all around.

12:12 am - Back, got room for more beer so expect nastier posts soon.

12:10 am - Guess I was wrong about it being mostly pre-pubescent boy here tonight. Loads of pubes on the urinal. Someone is balding down there. #WTF

12:07 am - Fuck. Line to piss. I guess I wasn't the only one with that idea.

12:05 am - Only slightly gayer

12:05 am - Metal's Backstreet Boys

12:04 am - Time to take a piss. BVB are on stage.

12:01 am - Was just asked if thats the guy from the Staples commercial.

12:00 am - Alice Cooper on stage. Crowd is dead silent. This IS a fucking GOD people!!!! WTF is wrong here.

11:58 pm - THANK THE HEROIN!!!!!

11:58 pm - Nikki Sixx accepting

11:56 pm - Jason sent me a text msg "Tell people to refresh the live blog for updates every few minutes" So yeah

11:53 pm - Nikki Sixx wins best bassist

11:53 pm - Jason just told me Corey Taylor was on stage too.

11:48 pm - shit, he saw me type that

11:48 pm - Guy next to me asked if it is true that Avenged Sevenfold are filling in for Korn. He had a big 'i want to sodomize someone' look.

11:46 pm - Was just about to say some old grisly dude come on stage with Trivium, but that's Robb Flynn from machine Head. They are playing "Creeping Death"...Trivium must need the help.

11:44 pm - Pretty sure Trivium is playing another song. Sounds the same, only slightly different.

11:37 pm - Trivium

11:33 pm - Best drummer, dude from five finger death punch.

11:28 pm - I'll be damned, Jason was right, Black Veil Brides win for best guitarist. The fix is in.

11:27 pm - A girl just asked me what the picture on my shirt says. I shouldn't have to explain the Vader logo here. #facepalm

11:24 pm - Jericho dissed Korn pretty hard. Not sure what is up. He might think he's at a WWE event and be playing heal though.

11:22 pm - Just announced something happened to Korn and they won't be performing??? Some chick was screaming "Nikki!!!!!!" in my ear so maybe they said Korn is up next. I don't know.

11:20 pm - Moving along. I am trying to get a better shot of Nikki but it is crowded.

11:16 pm - Jason says pix are working, Sixx A.M. they sound good.

11:13 pm - Forgot to post that I saw the dude from Metal Injection earlier. Size of the head on that dude!

11:11 pm - I might be the only one hear old enough to remember Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue. #realitycheck

11:10 pm - Sixx AM...liked the CD, let's see how they do live.

11:10 pm - BTW, yeah, he's toasted

11:09 pm - People are chanting 'shut the fuck up Jose' Priceless! #josemangin

11:08 pm - Yngwie Malmsteen did a pretty fucking awesome job with the national anthem. It doesn't make up for him being a prick to everyone backstage early though.

11:06 pm - The Black Veil Brides fans seem to like "Piss" more than the Korn fans if that tells you anything.

11:03 pm - New Pantera video for "Piss" is playing. I see why this was never released until Vinnie needed some $. Should have left this in the vault. Pantera has done much much better.

11:00 pm - I wonder if Jose Mangin is shitfaced yet

10:01 pm - So funny watching other metal sites take this seriously.

9:59 pm - Just saw chris jericho. And black veil brides. Got elbowed by getti images photog

9:17 pm - Just saw either marilyn manson or nikki sixx. Either way...not aging well

8:58 pm - I see Dee Snider. I would have a picture for you all but Jason went to dinner and hasn't fixed the photo uploader for his live blogging app.

8:49 pm - Saw a dude wearing a Death shirt. Turns out he wasn't going to Golden Gods, just out here to catch a movie.

8:29 pm - Things overheard at the Golden Gods: "Brian, I need to borrow your eyeliner, mines not dark enough."

8:21 pm - Just smoked a fatty, really don't care that the photos aren't working. What am I supposed to do on the black carpet if photos don't work?

8:16 pm - Seeing more WWE shirts than anything. And loads of fat chicks in Slipknot shirts.

8:15 pm - Jason wants me to do an observation. First observation, i think the people at the door should separate the crowd into team Korn and team Black Veil Brides. Shit will get ugly when album of the year is announced. There will be running makeup everywhere. #metal

8:13 pm - looks like we are live again. but tough shit, ima go smoke some weed and drink a few beers.

8:07 pm - I'll be at the bar across the street before my cover gets blown. Just saw two peeps from Suicide Silence. They blended in quite nicely.

8:03 pm - Uggg...i see my updates aren't posting. Jason!!! Get this shit working!

8:02 pm - Testing this thing on? I'm here so this better be working.

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    April 11, 2012

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