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The Time Al Jourgensen of MINISTRY Met George W. Bush...At A Taco Stand

Al Jourgensen During a recent exclusive interview with the godfather of industrial metal, Al Jourgensen, it was revealed that he had a run-in with his nemesis George W. Bush. The whole scene went down at a local taco stand in El Paso, Tx a couple years ago.

"He [George W. Bush] was at a taco stand. I must had been about ten feet away from him. Secret service kept me just around ten feet away, but I heard W. ask the guy at the taco stand for an encherito. There is no such thing! I don't even think Taco Bell sells them. He just walked up and said "I want an en-cher-eee-to." Even the taco stand guys didn't know what that was. They were trying to be nice and told him if he could tell them the ingredients they'd make him one up. He just replied to them "Uhh, I don't know, an en-cher-eee-to." He didn't even know the ingredients. "En-cher-ee-to!" That is my living memory of George Bush; having him ten feet away and asking for a non-existant Mexican dish. He is such an idiot. It was ridiculous! Just order a taco or a burrito."

Maybe if Bush had his Skull & Bones ring with him it would have come in handy at this particular taco stand and unlocked a secret menu.

Al stated "When we played in New Haven, I went to the Skull & Bones building and knocked on the door. I saw people looking at me through the peephole. They refused to answer the door. They were probably frightened of my dreads and tats. I just wanted to go and look around the place. I am curious like that. You could hear them talking but they wouldn't wouldn't open the door. Maybe they thought it was the apocalypse coming down but whatever. I was pissed. It was a two mile hike to get there and I have bad knees."

Ministry released it's new album "Relapse" this week on 13th Planet Records.

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    March 30, 2012

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