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Matt Zane Interview

The Gauntlet: What are your thoughts on the recent death of your ex-bandmate Paul Raven?

Matt Zane: Completely unexpected. When things like this happen with no warnings or signs it really puts you into shock. I have always kept in touch with Raven over the years but we were talking more that usual these past couple months. We actually had some plans to work on a non-musical related venture so I was expecting to develop that in the coming weeks with him. It makes me smile when I think about what he had in mind. Maybe someday I will say something about it just to give his friends a laugh.

I am going to miss him. He was great person that everyone just seemed to love. About a month ago a press release came out that stated that I felt he was a legend. He read it and actually thanked me for what I said. I wrote back and told him that he was a legend so need to need to thank me. It's cool that I was able to say that to him.

The last contact I had with Raven was about 2 weeks ago through Myspace. He wished me a happy birthday. Told me he had nothing to do with hacking the Society 1 Myspace and that he was proud to have been in Society 1. Well actually he said "i am very proud to have been a part of SOCIETY 1. you fuck :)" - depraven(MR) I printed out the message to save because that means a lot to me.

Then we proceeded to discuss his idea's concerning his new venture. He said he would give me a call. I couldn't talk the night he wanted to so I figured it would be when he returned.

I am honored to have played with him and to have known him. I compiled a very short piece of video and posted it on It is all footage from his time in Society 1. Someday I will go in my vault of tape, pictures, posters etc... and put together something for a future release about the bands history.

The Gauntlet: Has anyone from the Society 1 camp been asked to fill his vacancy in Ministry yet?

Matt Zane: Well considering half my band was in the current Ministry line-up, it doesn't seem out of the question that they would dip back into the Society 1 pool of talent. Many don't know this because a lot of press outlets didn't post the news but my ex-guitar player, as well as Raven, were once in Society 1 at the same time. We recorded �Exit Through Fear� and did a few shows together before Raven went out with Godflesh. I doubt the Ministry camp would actually consider asking Dirt to play, not because he isn't good enough but because they seem really upset about the fact that I made it public they have Society 1 members in the band. I didn't see the big deal in talking about it and I still don't. They have such a problem with me now that my quote on the Paul Raven remembrance page which is run by Ministry was deleted. I can't believe they would do something so low.

The Gauntlet: What will you be doing at the "Utopia Pornstar and Ink" Convention in Houston?

Matt: I will suspending, but this time I am going to attempt to play a guitar solo simultaneously. I will have the musicians of CORE backing me up the entire I am pierced, hung, playing, swinging around and then for the finale picking up Tera Wray.

Life to me is about pushing limits and exploring new created realms of experience. I don't think anyone has ever attempted playing guitar while being suspended. I know the person who inducted me into the suspension community Joey Strange plays bass with his band while suspended but I don't think anyone attempts soloing. I am really looking to develop my suspension performances over the next year so this seemed to be a perfect opportunity to do so.

Not many people know I play guitar but believe it or not I actually graduated from Musicians Institute years ago. I mainly just wrote the songs in Society 1 (about 90% of all the material) then showed the parts to the guitar player but recently I have been playing more and getting my chops up. If you want to hear my style go to

The Gauntlet: How did you get involved with CORE?

Matt Zane: It was a long process through Joey Strange. After we did a show together for the �Fearing The Exit DVD� back in 2004, things just kind of clicked between us. They have done all my suspensions since then. They are the premiere suspension performance group/organization in the world. Criss Angel uses them for his suspensions as well.
Check out

The Gauntlet: Did Sin ever respond to your statements about his back-handed dealings getting into Rev Co and Ministry?

Matt: No but I did get a call from Ministry�s management telling me to retract my statements or I would be sorry. I never retracted them and 3 hours later the Society 1 Myspace was hacked and the contents were deleted. I contacted another metal web site I had a good relationship with shortly after to cover my new movie Radium and they wouldn't touch me because apparently they were called by someone over in the Ministry camp advising him not cover anything related to me. It was weird because I get this message saying he doesn't want to get in the middle of it. I was confused, the middle of what? I didn't know a journalist had to choose sides and over what? All I did was tell the truth about the actions Sin took to get into the Ministry camp and the consequences that resulted for Society 1. That's it. Now they are trying to erase the past concerning Sins involvement in Society 1. He won't talk about it in interviews, delete entries from wikipedia etc... Honestly I could care less about that. I care more about trying to get out from underneath this shit he buried us in through his selfish actions.

The Gauntlet: Is Radium just an extension for your previous metal-meets-porn series "Backstage Sluts"?

Matt: No it is totally different. Backstage Sluts was about bands telling sexual road/groupie stories. Radium is actually a real metal series like Headbanger�s Ball but with a female host that also get's naked and plowed. Plus music video's, interviews, etc...

The Gauntlet: Will Tera Wray be the host in each episode, or will there be rotating hosts?

Matt: Nope Tera Wray is the girl. She is a real metal chick. Did the whole Ozzfest tour this year for Hustler and is dating Wayne from Static X. They have been on tour since Ozzfest. Very cool girl and everyone loves her.

The Gauntlet: I've read that you are also working on two other series, "Punkd Ur Ass" and "Tattooed and Tight." What are the concepts of these?

Matt: Well Tattooed & Tight is about girls getting real tattoos while engaging in sexual acts at the same time. Kind of like LA Ink but to the extreme. People show their tattoos, tell stories about them, get new ink and then get laid. I think it is far more entertaining that any of the network tattoo shows. Plus Dirt is the main tattoo artist that inks all the hot girls.

�Punkd Ur Ass� is about getting guys to do crazy stunts to sleep with really hot porn chicks. If they do the stunt then they get the girl. It's like a logical Jackass. The shit we have these guys do is crazy. Shopping in the nude, blasting them with paint balls, fighting world champion MMA fighters, etc.. It's really fun to shoot. We actually have Dave Navarro and his show Spread Entertainment in the first volume.

You can check out trailers and teaser clips on

The Gauntlet: How is the new Society 1 album coming along?

Matt: Now that Berzerk Kirk has exited is seems to be moving forward. Kirk really seemed to make things impossible to evolve. Don't get me wrong it wasn't always his fault intentionally. He did break his neck, injure his back, develop vertigo, have take care of family issues....I could go on and on. It was a really weird situation because he is great drummer and a cool guy but there was always some issue going on in his life. It was like he was cursed. He just disappeared one day. Stopped picking up his phone. Never heard from him since.

So now things are moving forward. We have 12 songs that we are working on with new members Sik RIck, Stevil and Atron. Some of the demo tracks of the new material are on . You can also see weekly updates on

I am busier than I have ever been. This is the first time in my life that I am doing all the different facets of my career at once. I also think that I am doing the best and most creative work I have ever done. It feels good.

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    October 22, 2007

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